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Anggota Yang Online Sekarang

  • canary62
    35 tahunAS8
    Is anybody out there?
  • angilar1222
    35 tahunAS7
    undivided attention is one of the most gentle strength
  • thebeatles21
    24 tahunAS8
    San Francisco
    I like meeting new people who are a little unorthodox or just from a different walk of life. I prefer people who are open-minded, non-judgmental, considerate, polite and modest.
  • ako119
    27 tahunAS7
    Be happier with u!! :-)
  • tomomomoko
    30 tahunAS8
    I like to listen to music, driving and watching drama series. oh, I love anime. Especially Dragonball. Hope to talk with you.
  • t060505
    25 tahunAS8
    I'm leaning English. I like traditional culture and Jazz music. Please message to me

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  • lrmonade
    20 tahunAS7
    I want to know more about other cultures. I am an outgoing person but I wouldn't talk about personal things
  • kiagiordano
    31 tahunAS7
    live, love and learn in a positive vibes
  • masenbka
    27 tahunAS7
    How illusive she, the butterfly on my arm, as if someone's soul
  • autumnfall89
    27 tahunAS7
    Hello :) Looking for someone to meet with